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SATURDAY, 8/4/2001, 1:58pm HST by Penfold

Must get out of the house now.

Gone hiking

Go forth and exploit the Hawaii trail system, Na Ala Hele here.

Alpine MP3

For Seannie
Now in production, the Alpine CDA-7878 in-dash mp3 player. Expensive as all hell, but thats to be expected for a first generation product.

Him and the jizz mopper

Last week, the Singapore Zoological Gardens announced that they were setting up a bank containing sperm samples of all the wildlife under their supervision. At the same time, zoo sperm bank worker Mohd. Binatang bin Goncang won a competition for "Worst Job in Singapore". Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), which runs the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park and the Night Safari, has set up a bank of sperm and animal tissue in order to help preserve species. And It is Mr. Binatang's job to collect the sperm.
Hit up the full story here.

FRIDAY, 8/3/2001, 1:20pm HST by Raul

Short post today, gotta go work.

Bush in the box

Oddcast Bush

I've been looking for an excuse to post something about Oddcast for some time now. Finally: Virtual Bushisms, where you can have your very own Dubya in the comfort of your own home.

Hax0rs on celluloid

Here's a little listing of hacker/hacking films the Reg has put together for you wannabes out there.

I wanna ...

In the ass

Wanna learn English? I don't know how to describe this little commercial clip, other than to say you should not listen to it in a crowded workplace. Click here.

THURSDAY, 8/2/2001, 9:58pm HST by Penfold

Nothing but the finest content.

Sleeping on the job

Check out the desk that turns to a bed here. Personally it would never for me because it would take me just as long to clean off all the crap as it takes to drive home to my bed.

Too Bushed for Comedy Central

Comedy Central has announced that they will be canceling the show That's My Bush. Too bad, it's one of the best shows on Comedy Central along with The Man Show. Read about it here.

Really really dum

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) -- A hippopotamus reportedly attacked an 18-year-old woman after she entered its cage and plunged into its pool at a zoo in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.
And the moral of the story, when the sign says keep away... Hit up the full story here.

All for some watermelon

A boy in Romania was promised a slice of watermelon if he showed that he could pull a trailer with his penis.

The market trader who had this funny idea tied the 10-year-old's penis to the trailer and then dropped its front bar.

The falling bar ripped off the kid's penis.

I just find it ironic that this story comes from Examine up the full story here.

THURSDAY, 8/2/2001,1:30pm HST by Raul


Miraculous Lava Lamp

This is at the least weird, at the most slightly Satanic, but the Miraculous Lava Lamp is a sight to behold either way.

Out of the closet ads

I shall skirt the political correctness issue and play this one straight: is a repository for advertising containing what it claims is a new trend -- depictions of homosexuality.

Straight from BC

Oh Canada

Here's a little article that delves into the issues surrounding a fact many have known for quite some time: Canada's pot feeds U.S. habit. As far as I'm concerned, the issue is summarized here:

"Canadian courts have been reluctant to impose tough sentences, reflecting a widespread view that drugs are a 'victimless' crime and should be treated primarily as a health issue," the U.S. State Department said in its most recent report on global drug trends.

"Sentencing guidelines, together with stronger judicial and public support, would increase the impact of Canada's law enforcement efforts and create a stronger deterrent to transnational crime."

But many Canadians counter that the United States' punitive approach has clearly failed to curb Americans' appetite for marijuana.

No one ever accused U.S. policymakers of being too smart.

Safe sex toys

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Adult sex toys pose no health risk even though they contain chemicals banned from baby toys last year because of health fears, the European Commission said on Thursday.

"There is no evidence that people using sex toys are at risk," Health and Consumer Protection spokesman Torsten Muench told reporters, stressing the European Union had no plan to ban the chemicals from sexual aids.

Hit up the full story here. And while you're at it:

Weavers find condoms help in spinning silk

Fujitsu to discontinue desktop HDs

Hmm, I have a Fujitsu, quite reliable but p!ss slow. Read about their latest move here.

WEDNESDAY, 8/1/2001, 10:58pm HST by Penfold

Heat can be just as dangerous.


Skipping, not just for kids anymore. Check out a whole site dedicated to it here.

I want my MTV

I remember back in the day when MTV played only music videos. Read about MTV's 20th anniversary celebration here.

Who does this?

This fantastic figure, which works out at a cost of around $2,000 in lost US man hours every second, claims the cash is being poured down the toilet by staff surfing for entertainment, shopping and porn while at work.
Who could be slacking so had that they have Aimster (replacing Napster) on their work computer? Hit up the full story (but not if you're at work) here.

3 Minutes

Think about it, a 72 minute disk burned in 3 minutes with the wonders of BURN-PROOF. Check out a review of the Plextor 24X CD-RW here.

And lastly...

Oh, you thought that you'd get away without some sex content. Jackpot Vending Machines will be installing condom dispensers in Antarctica. I wonder if when they said they needed hats, if they meant those kinds of hats. Check the story here.

WEDNESDAY, 8/1/2001, 2:00pm HST by Raul

A special greeting to any visitors from the DPReview Olympus SLR forum. Welcome.

Oh, the Payne

Max Payne

Well the Firingsquids have gotten their mitts on one of the most-anticipated and heavily hyped games in recent history: Max Payne, and given it the once-over. They find that what it does, it does with aplomb. Check out the review here.


Here's something that is sure to make you laugh. Well it made me laugh. Okay, I laugh at some weird things. The Carpal Tunnel Accelerator.

Sorry, Sony

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) -- Sony Corp said on Wednesday that it cut prices on its proprietary flash memory format, which will bring its pricing closer in line with competing standards.

Sony's chewing-gum shaped "Memory Stick'' now runs from $24.95 for the 8-megabyte stick to $149.95 for the 128-megabyte stick. The larger stick had previously sold for as much as $240.

But the battle has already been lost. I hate posting Yahoo links, but here goes nothing. Hit up the full story here.

The company that thought it could

OmniSky has laid off nearly 100 employees, mostly from closing several European offices, as the company consolidates its business to try to save money.

Representatives at the San Francisco-based wireless services company did not return repeated phone calls. But the company reported that it had 198 full-time workers at the end of 2000, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If they supported Palm III's, I bet they'd be profitable already. People will not conform to an imposed standard, at least not Palm users. Fire the decisionmakers. Hit up the full story here.

TUESDAY, 7/312001, 8:58pm HST by Penfold

I'll be changing jobs soon, so anyone who hasn't seen the office who wants see it too better hurry.

Church of Pac

You will bow down and worship my dot eating ass. Check it out here.

Straight as George Michael

I can't see how a straight guy could wear this stuff. Check out the male lingerie here.

Hell hath frozen over

NORWALK, Conn. (AP) -- Name-your-own price Internet company Inc. recorded its first-ever quarterly profit, posting second-quarter earnings of $2.8 million.
Hit up the full story here.

Wild pot

Police found a pot plant right outside the police station. Sounds like a certain gas station is Kahala. Check out the story here.

Death by MRI

Kind of depressing, but too funny not to post. Read about a patient who died because the doctors left a metal container in the room when they turned on the MRI here.

TUESDAY, 7/312001, 12:00pm HST by Raul

The latest from Ubisoft/Red Storm

Black Thorn

Red Storm is still working on their Rogue Spear franchise and will be releasing Rogue Spear:Black Thorn. It's an expansion pack due out on October that will feature new maps, weapons and equipment (multiplayer gadgets).

Also from Red Storm, and the one I'm really waiting for is Ghost Recon, the heir apparent to the Rainbow Six legacy. Ghost Recon, from what I gathered from the PCGamer article, will be set in an actual war setting, so, as the article put it, "the kid gloves will come off." For anyone who wanted an all-out bash using a game engine descended from the R6/RS realism engine, this is it. I have been waiting for this one a while. And yes, there will be interactive vehicles in this one (more than just being "run over").

Keep an eye on the Red Storm site for information.

Digicam info repository

Here's a somewhat new site I stumbled upon while reading forums. DCViews is an incredibly dense repository of information on digital cameras and photography in general. It includes tutorials and lessons for those that could use them. I warn you, though, when I say this site is dense, I mean it.

Sheer Phallacy


Within a minute of browsing this site, I knew it was one of the greats. Sheer Phallacy: The Phallic Symbol Collection. What more need be said?

Be sure to check out the phallic Cheetos.

Green wasn't enough

EZ Squirt

Once upon a time, playing with your food was frowned upon. Now, it's not only a condoned activity, it's profitable! Heniz, the creators of green ketchup, has one-upped themselves and come out with a purple version of their EZ Squirt. I'm going to have to try one of these sometime.

.JPG goodness

Everything you ever wanted to know about the JPEG format. Seriously.

Scorpion lady

The scorpion lady finally came out of her cage.

Where do we get that token Asian font up there (the yellow one)? It's called Wonton, and you can grab it here.

MONDAY, 7/30/2001, 10:12pm HST by Raul
Auxiliary post

More power to the people

KTUH FM 90.3 Hawaii -- the University of Hawaii's radio station, and the only radio station worth anything anymore, is going off the air in just under 2 hours at midnight, July 31. The long-awaited 3,000 watt power increase is apparently finally coming to fruition. Follow the progress on their Web site here.

MONDAY, 7/30/2001, 9:58pm HST by Penfold

I remember back in the olden days when we used to have to burn our CDs uphill...BOTH WAYS.


The solution to that eternal question. Check out this and some other funky paintball guns here.

Khai thang

I dare you to click this link.

Ca med pot

TORONTO, July 30 -- Canadians suffering from terminal illnesses and chronic conditions such as arthritis can legally grow and smoke marijuana, or designate someone else to grow it for them, under regulations that take effect Monday.
Hit up the full story here.


Who would have thought that the X in the X-Files stood for Xena. Read about Lucy Lawless's future stint in the X-Files here.

Dying Ducks

Seems that the attendance to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (owned by Disney) games have been falling lately. So they decided to shake down their suppliers. Strange, sounds more like doing business with the State of Hawaii (and the counties) than hockey news.

MONDAY, 7/30/2001, 6:15am HST by Raul

Just posted


I really, really need to go to sleep. You won't hear from me until tomorrow.

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